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Resources to Promote Connectivity:

  1. Business Contacts -- Increase networking power through growing personal acquaintances.
  2. Sounding Boards -- Exchange business ideas and concepts. Create a brain trust!
  3. Network Forums -- Discuss current events, business trends, and opportunities.
  4. Informal Investment Club Discussions --Form mock groups to discuss investment strategies to increase your financial awareness.
  5. Reference Checks -- Review the qualifications of someone you are interviewing or trying to meet.
  6. Job Search and Job Posting -- Find opportunities or fill positions in your company through our networking bulletins.

Innovative Access to Information:

  1. Member Profiles on Internet -- Use our Web to cross-reference by Industry, Location, and Profession.
  2. Please join Business Leaders Network on Linkedin
  3. Common Interests Connection -- Find a partner for tennis, golf, the theater...whatever you enjoy doing.
  4. Who Knows Who Directory -- Allows you to easily access contacts.
  5. Email Addresses -- Communicate interactively between members.

Member Benefits At-A-Glance

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Community Services:

The emerging leaders in the greater Philadelphia area have formed the Business Leaders Network as a group striving to improve corporate/community relationships and strengthen the atmosphere to make our region a better place to work .

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